50 Tent-tastic Camping Puns to Make You Laugh Outdoors

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Get ready to pitch your tents and spark some laughter with our list of 50 hilarious camping puns. These jokes are the perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure, making sure the fun doesn’t stop when the campfire dies down.

Tentatively Funny

  1. Canvas you believe we’re actually camping?
  2. I’m pitching a tent; it’s quite an intents activity.
  3. My camping trip is in-tents!
  4. Don’t mesh with me when I’m setting up the tent.
  5. Stake your claim, but don’t forget the actual stakes!

Happy Camper Comedy

  1. I’m a happy camper when I have s’more dessert.
  2. Campfire songs are in-tents-ly good.
  3. I’m only a morning person when I’m camping.
  4. What’s a camper’s favorite game? Pitch-and-toss.
  5. Trail me something good about camping.

S’more Jokes

  1. We’re marshmallow-soft on camping.
  2. I like my camping trips with a bit s’more luxury.
  3. Chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows are camping’s best blend.
  4. Camping without s’mores is unbearable.
  5. A s’more a day keeps the worries away.

Wildlife Wisecracks

  1. What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear!
  2. Deer friends, let’s go camping!
  3. You otter come camping with us.
  4. Moose we always have to sleep in tents?
  5. Owl be honest, sleeping outside is awesome.

Fishing Funnies

  1. Camping is reel fun, especially the fishing part.
  2. Fishing at camp is o-fish-ally my favorite activity.
  3. If you can’t bait them, join them.
  4. Hook, line, and sinker – I’m sold on camping.
  5. Cod you pass me the fishing rod?

Hiking Hilarity

  1. Trail blazers always have more fun.
  2. I have a knack for packing the perfect hiking bag.
  3. You peaked my interest with that hiking trail.
  4. Summit up, this hike is breathtaking.
  5. Hiking is hill-arious, especially with friends.

Fire Funnies

  1. I’m fir-ly excited for tonight’s campfire.
  2. This campfire is lit.
  3. Kindling a new romance by the campfire, are we?
  4. Campfire stories? I’m all ears and s’mores.
  5. Flame it on the campfire if you’re feeling warm.

The Sleeping Bag Giggles

  1. I’m all wrapped up and ready for a snorey night.
  2. In the sleeping bag, I’m like a burrito of warmth.
  3. Zip it! Or else, you’ll let the cold in.
  4. A sleeping bag is a camper’s soft taco.
  5. Night under the stars, bagged it!

Nature Nonsense

  1. If trees leaf us alone, we can enjoy the peace.
  2. Never take granite the beauty of the outdoors.
  3. I’m *fall*ing for these autumn camping trips.
  4. Water we doing if not enjoying nature?
  5. To be blunt, I’m pine-ing for the outdoors.

Camp Food Chuckles

  1. Outdoor cooking is a rare medium well done.
  2. I’m on a seafood diet here; I see food, I cook it.
  3. Camping: Where you spend a small fortune…to live like a homeless person.
  4. I’m a succulent cook, in a cactus sort of way.
  5. Egg-scellent breakfasts are the best part of camping mornings.