The 5 Best Prank Kits for the Ultimate Prankster

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If you play pranks on people all the time, then it’s time get some tools for the job… enter, the glorious prank kit!

It can be a tough job coming up with awesome and amusing pranks all around the year. Especially, when people are so used to it and they expect it from you.

These can be used by both kids and adults that want to have a bit of prank fun!

Don’t give up your prankster persona or resort to mean jokes that will make everyone cry. Stick to funny ones by grabbing the following prank kits that are extremely creative and awfully funny.

Here are our top picks:

1. The Mega Prank Kit - 35 Funny Pranks and Jokes in a Gift Box

The Mega Prank Kit by Brite Co Pranks is the ultimate kit for pranksters.

Whether you are a cutesy kid, an unbelievably innocent-looking teen or an upright, law-abiding adult, the Mega Prank Kit can turn your average life into a fun-filled and exciting one which is full of jokes.

The kit is a fantastic blend of contemporary and classic jokes and pranks.

There are 35 pranks in total that will definitely keep you busy throughout the year. Examples include the good old Rattlesnake Eggs for a nice and loud scare, the Whoopee Cushion to embarrass your boss in front of everyone, Chinese Handcuffs for your poor, unsuspecting dad, and of course some fake spiders and rats because they never get old.

There are even fake parking tickets for all those neighbors and coworkers who never park properly. It is a great way to teach them a lesson.

There are several modern pranks such as a zapping Shocking Prank Gum, a gross Fake Pet Puke, Phoney Auto Scratch and Squirting Toilet Seat for all those little monsters out there who bug the life out of you.

Make your younger brother smile jubilantly by giving them fake zero dollar bills. Watch them try to buy a new toy for themselves and laugh out loud. Purchase the Mega Prank Kit for yourself or as a gift for someone who loves to prank!

2. Fun Time Products Dave Stott’s 'Ultimate Prank Kit’

Fun for if you are only a novice in the prankster world or a full-fledged professional who knows the real deal.

Fun Time Products Dave Stott’s 'Ultimate Prank Kit’ will surely live up to your expectations.

The harmless and hysterical collection of pranks is geared towards all ages including senile uncles, strict grandmas, awkward colleagues, and even naughty toddlers. If you can't figure out where to begin, the manufacturer has uploaded video tutorials for each prank to ensure you pull all the right strings. The kit promises you to make the king of pranks and it delivers.

The prank kit includes dozens of hilarious jokes such as a lovely collection of realistic rattlesnake eggs that you can send to your bossy co-worker, a special gel, a bone-cracker device for a much-needed shock, a fake rubber snake that can make anyone scream, a hand buzzer when you want to avoid a sweaty handshake in future, a realistic cockroach for the scaredy cats, and a fart blaster machine to spice up things in the office.

Dave Stott’s ‘Ultimate Prank Kit’ can also be a superb gift for every age. It will provide lots of laughter and merriment!

3. The Ultimate Prank Kit No.1

The Ultimate Prank Kit No.1 by Jereco Global is ideal for mundane days when everyone could use a few laughs.

The kit is loaded with an exciting variety of modern and classic jokes that will keep your hands full. You can spice up a boring party that your friend threw with a few pranks, induce merriment to tedious office hours and take lighthearted revenge from your annoying siblings.

There is a fake dog poop to scare a person who is obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene, fake cockroaches to gross your sisters out, a rather loud collection of rattlesnake eggs that will alarm everyone around you, a liquid solidifier to ruin someone's drink, the classic whoopie cushion with startling fart sounds, a really itchy itching powder for your enemies, a shock pen for those colleagues who never return your stuff, and a shock gum when you truly want to put an end to one-sided sharing.

Moreover, there are a few pranks that are perfect for Halloween such as a bloody soap and blood capsules that will turn you into a menacing, blood-covered entity. The Ultimate Prank Kit No.1 is great for children as well. They will have a fine time pranking each other and of course, you! Be prepared for tons of laughter coming your way!

4. Tigerdoe Prank Kit - 25 PC Prank Pack

Tigerdoe Prank Kit by Tigerdoe features 25 types of pranks that are perfect to scare and shock your loved ones and colleagues.

The pranks are completely harmless but absolutely hilarious and amusing.

The kit includes all your favorite classic jokes that never get old! There is a fake mouse and cockroach to make someone yelp in fright, a whoopie cushion for your unsuspecting and gullible co-worker, fake bloody wounds to scare your poor mom, funny glasses with popped out eyes that will make people stare at you, a squirt bow tie for a friend who is 'finally' going on a date, fake dog poop for the neighbor's front porch and loads of more fun-filled stuff.

From kids to adults, the kit is geared towards all ages who know how to enjoy humor and take a good joke.

The set has plenty of exciting pranks for little kids over the age of three that will keep them quite busy over the summer holidays. Quality is average and price is reasonable for the amount of jokes you get. You can also gift Tigerdoe Prank Kit to a prankster in your life but be very cautious because they will be coming for you next!

5. Practical Jokes Kit

Does your child love practical jokes? Then they will love Practical Jokes Kit by Forum Novelties.

The kit includes a number of hilarious pranks that are perfect for beginners to get started with the prankster life.

The set has 16 pieces packed in their signature Prank Nation box.

Some of the jokes are Hot Pepper Candy that will make you scream for water, Blood Soap to scare the life out of someone, Fake Chocolates which are most definitely not yummy, Squirting Gum to freshen up your face, a Bug Sandwich Bag for scrumptious sandwiches, a fake Kitty Crap for the dining room, Zombie Teeth for a lovely smile, Joker's Coin, Bloody Finger, Fake Bugs for the guest bedroom, a broken Cell Phone, cigarettes to shock your parents and much more.

Some of the items may vary depending upon their availability. While the kit is aimed for children, grownups can enjoy it too. It will make a great and amusing gift for a prankster buddy


With the above-mentioned prank kits, pull your loved ones’ legs without hurting anyone’s feeling and making anyone cry. Amuse your friends, make your loved ones laugh, and watch everyone shake with mirth as you reveal the prank in the end.

Your partner eyes you suspiciously as you hand them a glass of water, your sibling refuses to eat the cookie you lovingly baked, your friends keep throwing eager glances at you and your colleagues are unusually jumpy around you.

Nothing unusual because they don’t know what is coming, and they pretend to be ready. But there is a sad truth that nobody knows. They don’t know that you are out of awesome pranks to play. What a huge disappointment! That’s where prank kits come in!

It is guaranteed that you will later have a blast telling the hilarious tale, or it could all go south… either way, you had your fun!