10 Nerd Gifts for Your Geeky Friends

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No matter how much we want to deny the fact, we all have a geek or two in our lives. You unenthusiastically hear them boast about their collection of Archie Comics and fight over their favorite Star Wars characters…

Wait! Or was it Star Trek? Oh my, the blasphemy we just committed! Anyway, even our nerdy buddies deserve a wonderful gift on special occasions… Gifts they truly love and enjoy.

If you are clueless about what to give, we are here to rescue you. Here is our awesome list of nerd-approved presents they will absolutely adore! Tried and tested!

Have a look:

1. Coffee Mug – Intellectual Bad Ass

Present your intellectual friend this highly encouraging nerd mug and watch them smile!

2. Power Bank Pokèball

Is your friend obsessed with Pokemon and wants to catch them all? Well, you won’t be able to find them a cute and fluffy Pikachu, but you can surely charge up their lives with lovely Pokeball power bank! When their phone is about to die, the pokeball will come to save their battery!

3. Cook Meals Periodically

Do you happen to have a science loving friend who is obsessed with symbols and elements and at the same time, they are fond of whipping up scrumptious meals and throwing awesome dinner parties?

Brighten up their mood and kitchen with this gorgeous Bamboo Cutting Board engraved with elements. The cutting board is pre-oiled, durable, and thick. Your friend will have a great time chopping up vegetables and meat.

4 Star Wars Shower Head

Well, why would anyone want Darth Vader staring at them in shower is beyond our understanding, but Star Wars shower heads exist, and fans dig it!

If you are close to a devoted fan of Star Wars, install their favorite character’s shower head in their bathroom.

5. Harry Potter Sorting Hat Ornament

Millions of people are die-hard fans of Harry Potter and chances are there is a Harry Potter geek in your circle as well. Surprise them with this bizarre but realistic-looking Sorting Hat from Harry Potter.

Ask them to take a seat, plop the head on their head and let the sorting begin. Ask them if they are brave enough to be a Gryffindor or perhaps, they are secretly evil and will do well in Slytherin.

6. Planet, Sun, and Moon necklace

Give your fashion-forward nerdette a lovely astronomy inspired necklace and watch her happily style it with her un-geeky dress.

7. Sock It to Me Circuit Board Crew Socks

Ideal for computer geeks and programmers, the circuit board socks are funky and fun. The quirky socks send out only one message: I am a engineer, so you better not mess with me! Gift them a pair and tell them to cozy up their toes.

8. Stranger Things Demogorgon

Know a fan of Stranger Things? Give them a pleasant surprise by presenting them with a cute demogorgon. There are a bunch of different types available. Each version of the horrifying creature is available in a cutesy form perfect for your geek’s bookshelf.

9. Nerd Glasses

When you think of a nerd, a person with thick glasses come to your mind. We don’t want to stereotype, but if your friend doesn’t have a pair of nerd spectacles, then you must give them one! The retro nerd eye-wear is superb for both men and women. Put them on and appear smarter than ever before.

10. Minecraft Masks

If you friend wants to let the whole world know how much they love Minecraft, these face masks will help them reveal their true feelings. They can wear these Minecraft masks at Halloween, to cosplays or even randomly to work.

Who are we to stop them! The masks are made from cardboard and have eye-holes that offer a field of vision.

What are you waiting for? Get your nerdy game on and buy your loving geek a present!