The 10 Best Golf Gag Gifts for Your Golf Buddies

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Looking for something fun and entertaining to get the golf lover in your life? A good gag gift is always sure to get them laughing!

To add a touch of personalization to your gift, make sure that it’s themed to their favorite sport – golf!

1. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Perfect for the truly dedicated golfers!

Does the golfer in your life and breathe the game every second of every day? Then this is the perfect present for them!

With this gift, they don’t need to let another second of the day go to waste. They can practice their putting any time – even while they’re answering nature’s call! It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced golfers and comes complete with the green, door tag, a putter, and golf balls – everything a dedicated golfer could need to start playing!

2. Golf Ball Life Jacket

Waterproofing for your golf balls!

Tired of hearing about all the golf balls lost to the water? This gift is the perfect solution!

A must-have for the golfer who can’t seem to ever make it across the water, this golf ball-sized life jacket means they’ll never have to worry about a sunk ball again. It’s available in both traditional lifejacket orange and printed orange fabric, so your golf balls can have an extra change of clothes and look just as fashionable as you!

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3. Golf Toilet Paper

No matter where a compliment’s always appreciated!

This toilet paper gag gift is the perfect thing to get everyone crying with laughter. With witty golf-themed one-liners directly embroidered on to the paper, this will definitely be one of the most unique conversation starters anyone has ever seen.

You can choose from one of two sayings or contact the shop for customized requests. For a true prank, consider replacing all the toilet paper at home with one of these rolls – they also offer bulk pricing!

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4. MySack Golf Ball Storage

A sack to make sure you never lose your balls!

That special golf-lover in your life always complaining about their lost balls? Make sure they never have to worry about losing their golf balls in the back of the closet again with this gift!

The sack comes with 2 golf balls and can hold up to a maximum of 6. It’s made of high-quality suede fabric and industrial-strength stitching. It also has a Velcro closure and a sturdy clasp to ensure that all the balls stored in this sack are as safe as possible!

5. Golf Ball Marker Poker Chip Collection

Mark your balls with style!

If you’ve got a golf-mad, poker-lover in your life, this set of golf ball markers is the perfect gift! Each features a different naughty and funny one-liner that is sure to result in a laugh.

These markers are the standard casino chip style and can be used as functional golf markers. It also makes a perfect gift for bachelor parties, and for those looking to get truly creative, can be used in a custom golf-themed poker game!

6. World’s Okayest Golfer Sports T-Shirt

Functional and funny – the perfect two-in-one!

If you’re tired of hearing about just how great your other half’s golf game is, this is the perfect gift for them! Let them know you truly appreciate their golf skills with this super-soft tee.

It’s not only funny, it’s also very comfortable. It can work great as a sleep tee or something to wear the next time they leave for a round of golf. This tee comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can get it in your giftee’s favorite color!

7. Crappy Golf Balls

The perfect golf balls for the newbie golfer!

Do you know a beginner golfer who is always losing their golf balls? Or simply a golf-lover who isn’t very good at the sport?

This set of 6 golf balls is the perfect gift for anyone who keeps on losing their new and shiny golf balls. If you know you’ve got a rough game, don’t waste money on new balls every time you play a round.

Instead, try these balls! There’s no risk of upset feelings if you lose them on the course, and they come with a zero improvement guarantee – so you also don’t need to worry it’ll give the bad golfer in your life an advantage over you!

8. Birdie Juice 6oz Flask

A drink on the green for the golfing drinker!

This birdie juice flask is made of stainless steel and engraved with a pair of golf clubs and the words ‘Birdie Juice.’ It’s the perfect way to add a pep to the step of your favorite golfer.

It comes in two colors, black and pink, which means it makes for a perfect gift regardless of the gender of the giftee. It’s also a great way the help the golfer in your life keep to the tradition of taking a drink every time someone on the course gets a birdie. Every time they use this flask, it’s sure to bring a smile to their face and make them remember you.

9. ‘Shhh, I’m Watching Golf’ Ankle/Lounger Socks

Perfect for every Masters lover!

Is the golf lover in your life a fan of the sport both on and off the green? Do you know an avid lover of the Masters who makes sure to catch every tournament?

These socks are the perfect gift for anyone who loves watching golf. It’s made of high-quality cotton, and the green phrasing is non-slip. This means that it’s not just funny; it’s cozy and safe as well!

This is the perfect gift for anyone whose partner is always shooing them away from the TV when there’s a tournament or whose dad has instituted quiet time when the Masters are on. Let them say what’s on their mind with these socks instead of having to move their focus away from the TV!

10. Best Golfer Donald Trump Coffee Mug

A constant reminder of just how great your golf game is!

This coffee mug is the perfect way to let the golf lover in your life know how great of a golfer you think they are. Microwavable and dishwasher safe, this 11oz coffee mug is a great novelty gift that is also functional and useable.

If you know someone who loves golf and has strong feelings on politics, this is sure to elicit a great response. With a caricature of Donald Trump printed on it, along with a classic Trumpism praising your golf game, this gift is sure to result in a roomful of giggles when it’s opened!

Each of these gag gifts is sure to result in everyone howling in laughter. More than that, you can take confidence in knowing that your gift is not only funny, it’s also truly unique and sure to be appreciated by any fan of the game of golf!

Finding the right gift for a golfer can be complicated. A new set of clubs or a new golf bag isn’t in everyone’s gifting budget. Instead, a funny gag gift is not only affordable; it’s also sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Finding the right gag gift can be a painstaking process, given how many options are available in the market. To make the search easier for you, this article has showcased some of the best golf gag gifts you can buy.

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