10 Great Girlfriend Pranks and Gags

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Are you a lovey-dovey couple who enjoys surprising each other… Be it a romantic getaway on a birthday, a candle-light dinner on Valentine’s Day or an extremely fun (mean?) prank that leaves the other one absolutely shocked? Well, it’s time to pull your girlfriend’s leg again! If you have run out of ideas on how to play a naughty trick on your girlfriend, we have some fantastic ones! Try these out…. And be prepared for a raging war!

1. Does the love of your life have a favorite dress she loves to put on every other week? Swap it with a similar one…. What’s the catch? Go two sizes smaller… or bigger!


2. Try this cute ‘haircut’ prank that many Youtuber dared to try!

Don’t chop off her hair in real, dude!

3. Are you two always fighting over TV? It can be difficult to find a channel you both like to watch. Get a second remote control and secretly switch channels and let her be puzzled!


4. Give your girlfriend this bestseller and tell her to read it thoroughly.

Sex after 40

5. Be extra nice and serve her a delicious cheese sandwich!

Called my wife a sandwich maker

6. Brighten up her morning by putting baby powder in her hairdryer!

A little tip: Don’t do it on the day when she has an important meeting!

7. Propose her…

With a beautiful setup. Oh, the tear in her eyes and that smile!

8. Give her a makeover while she is sleeping… She will love the favor!


9. Send her a text message and have a serious conversation!

10. Leave this message on her car and let her have a great day filled will strange stalkers and admirers!

A harmless April Fool’s prank my friend’s boyfriend played on her. She was confused the whole way to work.

Remember to be ‘kind’ and play only good-natured pranks! You don’t want to be kicked out, do you?

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7 shares, 36 points