The 5 Best Desktop Punching Bags to Release Your Frustration!

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Desktop punching bags are a great way to defeat workplace frustration. The right punching bag will serve as an enjoyable alternative to a stress ball and allows you to de-stress in an office-appropriate way.

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The right punching bag should fit perfectly on your desktop. Beyond that, the material it is made of should be durable and easy to clean, ensuring that it lasts a long time. And perhaps most importantly, the design should be practical and make the bag easy to use.

Whether it’s frustration with a boss or a co-worker, or simply the built-up pressure of a long day at work, the right desktop punching bag will serve as a fun way to let out work-related tension. While there are many options available to choose from, we are going to showcase 5 of the best desktop punching bags available on the market today:

The 5 Best Desktop Punching Bags

2. Desktop Boxing: Knock Out Your Stress!
Mini desktop punching bag perfect for stress relief
3. CozyBomB Desktop Punching Bag
Large punching bag with easy set-up
5. Glacial Desktop Punching Bag
Extra-tough bag with both a desk clamp and a suction cup

1. Tech Tool Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

This bag is the perfect way to relieve stress from the comfort of your own desktop. Attach it to your desktop using the suction cup at the bottom of the bag. The bag also comes with an air pump to inflate it, which means you have everything you need to get this up and ready to use.

It comes with a resilient spring, which keeps the stress ball bouncing back every time you punch it. Made of heavy-duty PVC leather, this desktop punching bag is durable and can take a lot of wear and tear without deflating.

The next time your boss won’t give you some time off, this punching bag is the perfect way to blow off some steam! It comes in two designs – a classic red punching bag design and a unique soccer ball print.

2. Desktop Boxing: Knock Out Your Stress!

Looking for something that is both a useful stress relief tool while being sure to bring a smile to your face? This mini desktop accessory does just the trick!

This tiny version of a traditional desktop punching bag comes with two tiny boxing gloves for your pointer fingers, so you gently release your frustrations. Also included is a small book of boxing trivia and finger boxing moves, so you can challenge your co-workers and reign king of your office!

This mini desktop punching bag serves as a great birthday or white elephant exchange gift option.

3. CozyBomB Desktop Punching Bag

Experience the feeling of being a professional boxer from the comfort of your own desk with this punching bag.

This punching bag is large in size to provide you with the greatest surface area for stress relief. What a way to improve hand-eye coordination!

It comes air pump and easy to follow instructions, making set-up quick and painless for you. The bag is made with heavy-duty synthetic leather that can take a beating without deflating.

4. Mighty Moji Desktop Punching Bag

Are you an emoji-lover? If you can’t go a text message without adding an emoji, then this desktop punching bag is the one for you!

This unique accessory comes in two emoji designs – Confused and Silly – so you can choose the perfect option for you. It’s sure to help you relieve stress in multiple ways. Not only does this bag serve as a great way to take out your frustrations in a safe and effective way, it’s also sure to make you laugh every time you see it!

5. Glacial Desktop Punching Bag

This bag comes with a unique, clamp-style base that you can attach to your desk’s edge and tighten into place, allowing it to take heavier hits than many other desktop bag options. It also comes with a suction base, so you can choose which works best for you.

Made of durable PVC leather, this bag can take a severe beating and is the perfect stress-reliever regardless of where you are. It’s sure to be become an office favorite, with all your workplace friends stopping to make use of it. It also makes a great birthday gift no matter whom you’re buying for!

Buying Guide and FAQs

1. How do you inflate a desktop punching bag?

It depends on the bag in question. However, most desktop punching bags can be inflated with a mini air pump, and many models come with a pump included.

2. How do you use a desktop punching bag?

Desktop punching bags are attached to a flexible spring, so all you need to do is to punch it and see it bounce back into place.

3. Does a punching bag relieve stress?

Desktop punching bags a good option as a stress reliever because they serve as the next-level form of a stress ball. They allow you to release pent up tension in an appropriate and effective manner.

Things to Consider When Buying a Desktop Punching Bag


The bag should be made with a resilient and long-lasting spring, allowing it to bounce back into shape every time it is used. Furthermore, the material out of which the bag is made should be long-lasting and able to take wear and tear.


Most desktop punching bags are made of synthetic PVC leather, which is long-lasting and easy to clean. The right option should be able to take a beating without deflating quickly.

The most common design for these bags is with a suction cup to help attach them to a flat surface. These suction cups should be similarly long-lasting and host fast so that a single punch will not send the bag flying.


A desktop punching bag is meant to serve as a constant desktop accessory. This means that the design should be one that you’re okay with looking at every day. Furthermore, the bag should be easy to set up and use.