The 10 Best Custom Bobbleheads (2023)

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Custom bobbleheads represent an original, fun gift and the best of all is that they make you spend pleasant moments with your family or friends. Gifts represent affection and if you are going to give something to someone, why not make it something they would appreciate.

The best custom bobblehead to give is one that represents the person receiving the gift. That’s why it’s worth looking for the right bobblehead so that your gift is a success and your friend or family knows you gave it some thought!

Here are the 10 best vendors that deal with custom bobbleheads to give as a gift.

1. Custom Man Bobblehead

If you want to give an original gift to your boyfriend or husband, the customs man bobblehead can be a good idea to surprise him. This representative figure is realistic, so this gift will really impress your partner and at the same time, he will find it extremely funny. If there are special dates coming up such as Valentine's Day, an Anniversary, Christmas, etc., you can give this original gift. We are sure that your partner will appreciate it.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: MyBobbleheadsShop

2. Bobblehead Figurine Personalized

The personalized bobblehead figurine is a handmade gift that accurately reflects the person who will receive this gift. If you are looking for the "perfect copy" of the person who will receive this gift, get it personalized. Don't forget to order ahead of time because these pieces require up to seven days to make. This is a piece of art that has been meticulously made so that the result is going to dazzle you!

3. Bobblehead Figurine Personalized - Birthday

The custom bobblehead figurine personalized is a gift that is made with great precision because at the time you order this gift you must provide a photo of the person on which the figurine will be created. In addition, you must make a description of the physical characteristics of that person so that the figurine is as realistic as possible and finally looks good. This work takes about seven days to finish in order to achieve a genuine image.

4. Custom Bobblehead Personalized Sculpture Friends

If you have a friend who is a doctor or nurse, he or she deserves a good gift because they work hard to improve the quality of everyone's health. This sculpture is completely personalized, so you must provide a photo and a detailed physical description of your friend to make the bobblehead as realistic as possible. Take advantage of a birthday or any other special date to honor your friend and make them feel good.

5. Jobs Custom Bobblehead - Personalized

The custom bobblehead based on the profession of your partner, friend, or loved one is an original gift that will pleasantly surprise them. Work occupies a big part of our lives and if you honor your friend through a custom bobblehead according to the activity he/she performs, he/she will surely feel that you know him/her well. If the person being honored is your partner, you should know that this idea is very romantic.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: MymeeCo

6. Custom Bobblehead Personalized Superman

The personalized bobblehead based on a superhero represents an original idea that your friend will receive with immense joy. Male and female superheroes like Superman, Catwoman, or Wonder Woman are part of our lives because they have always entertained us. It is also fun for your friend to see himself reflected in this representative figure through a superhero he has always admired.

7. Bobblehead Figurine Personalized Sculpture

The personalized figurine based on the image of a doctor or nurse is a small handmade sculpture handmade. You must provide a photo and physical description of the person who will receive the gift and give the seller at least a week’s time to deliver.

8. Custom Pet Bobblehead Dog Bobblehead Cat

The custom pet bobblehead is a figurine that faithfully represents your beloved dog or cat. You can also give this gift to a friend or loved one who loves their pet. Simply send a photo of the animal to receive a realistic figure that faithfully reflects your pet.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: BobbleForACause

9. Custom Real Estate Manager Realtor

The custom real estate manager realtor is one of the best custom bobbleheads due to its originality and realism. If you are a real estate agent or have a friend who is a real estate agent, this representative figure will really surprise them. This small sculpture contains several details that reflect the image of a real estate agent and will probably be receded with a chuckle.

The key is that you provide a high-quality photo of the person who will receive the gift.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: Bobblecreation

10. Groomsmen Gift Custom

The groomsmen gift is the right gift if you and your fiancé are two romantic individuals who like to make each other feel good. This personalized figurine can faithfully reflect that special person and he will be surprised when he sees it. Special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine's Day are special dates to celebrate life. The groomsmen gift is custom made and one of the best bobbleheads to both receive and give!

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: Kikihandmadedolls


Customized bobbleheads make an adorable gift that conveys the message that the sender put time and energy into creating something special. They try to capture the physical appearance as well as the personality. The key to giving the best custom bobbleheads is to know the person who will receive your gift. Each individual has their own characteristics that make them unique and if you know your friend or loved one well, you will surely choose the right present for them!

Featured Image credit: Etsy seller | MymeeCo