70 Dough-lightful Bagel Puns to Spread The Cheer

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Are you ready to add some extra flavor to your day with a side of laughter? Dive into our collection of 70 hilarious bagel puns that are sure to make you the cream cheese of the joke world!

Doughn’t You Love Bagels?

  1. Holey moly, these bagels are good!
  2. I’m on a roll with these bagels.
  3. Doughn’t even think about touching my bagel!
  4. You’re the yeast of my worries when I have a bagel.
  5. Let’s not butter around the bush, bagels are the best.
  6. I knead a bagel to start my day.
  7. Have a bagel, dough not worry, be happy!
  8. This is bready good, don’t you think?
  9. Feeling crumby? A bagel can help!
  10. Rye so serious? Have a bagel!

Spreading the Joy

  1. Lox like we’re out of cream cheese.
  2. I schmear you’ll love this flavor!
  3. Would it be rye to say I love bagels too much?
  4. We’re baking a difference one bagel at a time.
  5. I have fillings for you, especially with cream cheese.
  6. You’re the everything in my everything bagel.
  7. Bagelieve in yourself as much as I believe in breakfast.
  8. You’re breader than all the rest.
  9. Don’t go bacon my heart, have a bagel with me.
  10. Spread the love, one bagel at a time.

A Toast to Bagels

  1. You crust be kidding me, another bagel?
  2. Wheat a minute, are those homemade bagels?
  3. Berry excited for these blueberry bagels!
  4. That’s the best thing since sliced bagels.
  5. Sesame the day with a fresh bagel.
  6. Are you bready to go? I’ve got bagels!
  7. These bagels are a-maize-ing.
  8. Let’s get this bread!
  9. Poppy-ing out to grab some more bagels.
  10. Olive for bagels like these.

Cheesy Bagel Puns

  1. You have cheddar believe these bagels are good.
  2. I feta up with people saying bagels are just okay.
  3. Gouda morning, would you like a bagel?
  4. Are you brie-lieving what you’re seeing? This bagel looks amazing!
  5. You make me melt, just like cheese on a hot bagel.
  6. I’m blue without my morning bagel.
  7. Ricotta get myself one of those cheesy bagels!
  8. Swiss me, I’m dreaming of bagels again.
  9. Nothing cheddar than a warm bagel on a cold morning.
  10. Asiago and get us some bagels, will you?

All Around the World with Bagels

  1. Bagel in Paris sounds like a dream.
  2. In New York, they know how to bake them just right.
  3. Montreally loves their bagels, and so do I!
  4. Did you know in Italy they say ciabagel?
  5. London‘s calling, and they want their bagels.
  6. Taking the Israeli approach to authentic bagels.
  7. Bagel-arus: where every bagel is a masterpiece.
  8. Have you tried the Turkish bagels? Quite a delight!
  9. In Japan, they have a Tokyo twist on bagels.
  10. Berlin bagels are absolutely wurst a try.

Hole Foods

  1. Eating a bagel is a holesome experience.
  2. I holeheartedly believe in second breakfasts if it means another bagel.
  3. To live a holeful life, you need good bagels.
  4. My diet mainly consists of hole grains.
  5. In the mood for something holey? Grab a bagel.
  6. A bagel a day keeps the hole thing interesting.
  7. When it comes to bagels, I don’t like to holed back.
  8. I holely recommend cream cheese and salmon.
  9. Let’s cut to the chase: more bagels, less holes!
  10. The hole point of breakfast is a fresh bagel.

Rye-sing to the Occasion

  1. I just ryely love a good bagel in the morning.
  2. You ryeght, nothing beats a freshly baked bagel.
  3. It’s un-ryesonable how much I love bagels.
  4. Ryese and shine, it’s bagel time!
  5. Ryeght on the money, this is the best bagel.
  6. Are we ryely out of bagels already?
  7. No ryegrets after eating that delicious bagel.
  8. Ryeghtfully so, bagels are the best breakfast.
  9. Can’t go wrong with a rye bagel.
  10. It’s always the rye time for a bagel.