70 Avo-larious Puns You Guac to Hear

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Get ready to add a dose of laughter to your day with our collection of 70 hilarious avocado puns! These puns are so funny, they’ll make your heart “guac” and your soul feel “avo-control.”

Avocado-dos: Fresh Puns to Start

  1. I avo-cadon’t believe how good these puns are!
  2. Let’s guac ‘n’ roll!
  3. Avo-cadon’t you want some more of these puns?
  4. Feeling ripe and ready to go!
  5. You’re the avo of my eye.
  6. Let’s guac about it.
  7. Avo good day!
  8. Spread avo-cadolove wherever you go.
  9. Avo-cadon’t even think about leaving!
  10. This party’s about to guac your world.
  11. You’re one in a melon, but I prefer avocados.
  12. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and pit yourself against the best.
  13. It’s avo-cadobviously the best fruit.
  14. We make a great pear, but I’m more into avocados.
  15. Hass anyone seen my avocado?
  16. Avo-cardio: Running to the store for more avocados.
  17. Keep calm and avo-cadon.
  18. Turn that frown upside down with a little avo.
  19. It’s not easy being this guac-ward.
  20. I avo-cadon’t believe you’ve done this.

Pit-Stop: The Core of Humor

  1. Let’s get to the pit of the problem.
  2. Pit-y the fool who doesn’t love avocados.
  3. Are you pitting me against that other fruit?
  4. This situation has really gone pit-shaped.
  5. Pitching a new idea: An avocado-themed restaurant?
  6. Stay out of the pitfalls of life; eat more avocados.
  7. Pit-y party for those allergic to avocados.
  8. Pit your wits against mine, but you’re toast if we’re talking avocado knowledge.
  9. Pit-a patter of little seeds, dreaming of becoming big avocados one day.
  10. Feeling a little pity? Have an avocado!

Guac ‘n’ Roll: Smooth and Creamy Lines

  1. Let’s guac the night away!
  2. Guac it like it’s hot.
  3. Don’t be so guac-y, share that avocado.
  4. Guac on, my wayward son.
  5. Without you, I’d guac to pieces.
  6. Guac is extra, and so am I.
  7. Stay guac and loaded with those avocados.
  8. Guac this way, talk this way.
  9. You guac my world!
  10. It’s guac o’clock somewhere!

Spreading the Joy: On Toast and Beyond

  1. Let’s toast to avo on toast.
  2. Spreading avo-cadolove, one slice at a time.
  3. Avo-cadon’t forget the toast!
  4. Life’s all about the spreads we make.
  5. Make every meal avo-cadolicious!
  6. Avo toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  7. Spread the word: Avocados are in.
  8. Spreading my love for avocados on social media.
  9. A day without avo toast is like a day without sunshine.
  10. Keep calm and spread avocado.

The Ripe Stuff: Perfectly Timed Puns

  1. Just in thyme for some avocado.
  2. This pun is ripe for the picking.
  3. Avo-cadon’t wait, eat it before it’s too late!
  4. Feeling ripe and ready.
  5. You’re ripe in my book!
  6. Avo-cadon’t let the moment pass.
  7. Catch me at my ripest, wearing green.
  8. A ripe sense of humor you’ve got there.
  9. I avo-cadon’t believe how ripe these puns are.
  10. Avo-cadon’t miss out on the fun!

Punny Avocado Love: Heartfelt Humor

  1. My love for you is avo-cadondeep.
  2. There’s avo-cadolot of love here.
  3. Avo-cadon’t you feel the love tonight?
  4. Spread love as thick as you would avo-cado.
  5. Will you be my avo-cuddle buddy?
  6. Avo-cadon my heart on my sleeve.
  7. You’ve guaced my heart.
  8. My heart beets for avo, but avo won’t beet for me.
  9. Love is in the air, and it smells like avocados.
  10. Avo-cadreaming of you.