30 Un-baaa-lievable Alpaca Puns to Make You Laugh

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Get ready to laugh out loud with our collection of 30 hilarious alpaca puns that are sure to bring a smile to your face. These playful and clever jokes are the perfect way to lighten up your day with some fluffy humor.

Alpaca your bags!

  1. Alpaca my bags for our next adventure, no prob-llama!
  2. Where are we going? No worries, I’ll alpaca destination surprise.
  3. Don’t forget to alpaca some snacks for the road!
  4. Alpaca your wounds with love and care.
  5. Let’s alpaca the night with unforgettable memories.

Llama-zing Love-life

  1. You and me, it’s a match made in llama heaven.
  2. I’ve llama-ways loved you, from the very first day.
  3. Our love is as deep as the wool on an alpaca.
  4. Let’s make beautiful baa-bies together.
  5. Llama be your forever plus one.

Furry and Fullama-sly Funny

  1. This llama doesn’t spit facts, just puns.
  2. Alpaca the humor, you bring the laughter.
  3. Wanna hang out? I’m a pretty llama-zing friend.
  4. Keep calm and llama on.
  5. My jokes are llama-tabulously funny, I promise.

Ewe Can’t Be Serious!

  1. No kidding, that’s the best joke I’ve heard all day!
  2. Wool you believe I came up with that pun on the spot?
  3. I’m not kidding you, that’s an actual fact!
  4. Seriously, ewe can’t be that gullible.
  5. Wool I lie to you? Never!

Alpaca-lypse Now

  1. When the world ends, I hope I have my alpacalypse survival kit ready.
  2. In case of an alpacalypse, please stay calm and hug an alpaca.
  3. Alpaca my shield, the alpacalypse is here!
  4. The only thing I fear is an alpacalypse without you.
  5. Llamageddon is near, stay close to your alpacas.

No Prollama

  1. Got a problem? I’ve got no prollama with that!
  2. Solving this issue is no prollama for someone like me.
  3. Don’t worry, be llama, we got this!
  4. Life’s complex, but thankfully, I’m no prollama.
  5. In the face of adversity, remain as calm as a llama.