20 Most Creative Prank Sites

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The troll in you is always looking for creative ways to pull your friend’s leg. Thanks to your mischievous tricks, your pals are becoming more cautious. They know their cup of coffee has more than just coffee and the ghost chasing them is only you. You need to up your game, dude! Don’t fall behind and check out these awesome sites that will let you play pranks in a whole new direction.

1. What’s Wrong with This Room?

If you know a scaredy cat, ask them to play this simple game. While they are naively figuring out the concept of the room, the haunting images and sounds will soon overtake them. Be there to hear them yelp!

2. Fakeupdate

We all deeply dread the blue screen of death. Through Fakeupdate, prank your technology-obsessed friend by sending them fake window updates in their browser. When the user presses enter, the blue screen will appear causing them to panic!


3. Fake Facebook Status Generator

Fool your friends by telling them that you’ve gone viral all over the globe. When they see the status update with SO many likes, they will have no other option but to believe you.


4. DO NOT Press the Red Button on This Site!

Hey, I told you not to! Why did you not listen?


5. Cat Facts

Do you know someone who hates cats? Download this ameowzing app and send your ailurophobic friends some cool facts about the felines. They will have no idea what is happening!


6. Shit Express

Well, I wouldn’t really recommend you to mail someone poop even out of pure hatred. But, can you imagine the horrified expressions when the open the smelly surprise?


7. The Flash Mind Reader

I am sure you know someone who believes in fortune cookies and tarot cards. Baffle them with this awesome mind-reading website.


8. Hacker Typer

Are you in a mood to show off a little? This neat site allows you to experience the glorious world of hackers. Spoof your pals by letting them think that you are a hacker!


9. FartScroll

Is your colleague getting on your nerves lately? Install FartScroll on their computer and let the whole office hear the loud farts.


10. PrankOwl

The website has pre-recorded hilarious voice notes that you can play on a call. Call a person anywhere in the world and play the pre-recorded message. They will never be able to guess who it was!


11. WTF Prank Candles

WTF Prank Candles is dedicated to some of the smelliest candles in the world. Gift someone you admire (your boss?) a scented candle of farts and watch them sniff and flare their nostrils.


12. Mermur

Send anonymous texts and creep the hell out of your friends and… foes.


13. Shady URL

Create frighteningly suspicious URLs and send to your friends.

For instance: http://google.com will become: http://www.5z8.info/inject_now_z9c4vh_ninjastaroutlet


14. Yazzy

Download Yazzy on your phone, create fake conversations on Whatsapp, screenshot and forward to your friends. Hey, don’t use it to blackmail anyone!


15. Urban Prankster

If you are running out of practical jokes, Urban Prankster will give you plenty of creative ideas!


16. Pug a Day

Or should I say, 100 pugs a day! If you are willing to pay registration fee of $9.99, you can send 100 pictures of cute pugs to your friends!


17. Nyan It

Remember the rainbow kitty flying through the galaxies? Add a cute Nyan to any link!



18. Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Ruin a day by bombing someone you know with a dose of glitter! The online business sends glitter anywhere you want!


19. Mailaspud

When life gives you potatoes, make French fries! Mail a potato to your friend with a special note.


20. GIF Dance Party

Want to infuriate someone? Turn them into a funky dancing gif!



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