20 Hilarious Prank Gifts For Your Friends and Family

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Gifts are a great way to show how thoughtful you are. You can impress your boss with a nifty gadget, woo your fiancée with a sparkling ring, and make your mom teary-eyed with a bed-in-breakfast surprise. Yes, yes, it’s all rainbows and butterflies.

But what about those times when you feel a little mischievous?

Times when you want to give your gullible friend a shock of their life while you roll on the floor laughing. Literally, ROFL. Get your creative game on and start planning a playful gift of smiles and giggles.

Here are the top hysterically funny prank gifts you can give to your friends and family!

1. BigMouth Inc Tiny Hands “Little Tricks up Your Sleeves” Toy

Are you looking for an outrageous gift to freak out your children and puzzle your friends? These tiny hands make a goofy gift. The extremely realistic looking small hands are hilariously terrifying – follow people quietly and tap them on the shoulder, run the hands through their hair or simply caress their face. Yikes!

2. Liquid Ass

Do you know anyone who is obsessed with perfumes, body mists and scented candles? Give them a bottle of Liquid Ass and tell them to cherish it forever. You can wrap the stinky bottle in a fancy paper and watch their reaction in glee as they spritz it on themselves.

According to the manufacturer, it is highly concentrated, super-unpleasant and smells like… ass.


3. The Mega Prank Kit

If you have multiple loved ones to joke around with, this super-cool Mega Prank Kit will come handy. It has 35 funny pranks and jokes. Gift away some of the most craziest items and watch their confusion.

There is a soap that leeches black color, a pack of bug-infested candy, and ink that disappears.

Moreover, if you know a kid who loves to play pranks, it will be a perfect gift for them. Trust us, they will be absolutely obsessed with it.

4. Dad Bag Fanny Pack

Who doesn’t love hairy bellies and fanny packs? I guess no one…

Annoy your colleague, best friend, or your father-in-law if you dare with this heinous fanny pack as a Christmas or a birthday gift. Ask them lovingly to flaunt the 3D print fake belly that will bring some color in their personality and leave others around them flabbergasted. The spoof gift is a perfect companion for hiking, traveling, walking to the market and other outdoor adventures.

5. The Farting Animals Coloring Book

For the love of colors and art, the coloring book makes a perfect gift for adults and kids alike.

While it is meant to be a prank gift, the humorous drawings of splendid animals and gassy bubbles can vanish anyone’s woes and make them smile. It has a lot of pages that will keep you occupied for days.

6. Big Mama Undies

Big Mama Undies can be a fun gift to make someone laugh real hard, or it can be used to take a mean revenge. Have a nosy neighbor? Mail it to them as silent message. The humongous granny panties are lurid red in color and extremely horrible to look at. It can probably fit a few butts.

7. BigMouth Inc Exercise Block Toy

We all know a person who has a gym subscription but never goes to work out. BigMouth Inc Exercise Block Toy is a perfect gag gift to make them exercise. They have to walk around the block twice and then relax.

That’s it! Gift it to someone who detests any sort of exertion and let them exceed their exercise goals.

8. Uroclub Portable Urinal Funny Gag Gift

A portable bathroom disguised as a golf club… That’s certainly unique! This gag gift, aimed towards men, allow you to go when you gotta go. No more running around the bush or waiting in the queue.

 Keep the bathroom right in your hand and live your life to the fullest. No smell, no splash!

9. T.J. Wisemen Remote Control Fart Machine No. 2

It’s heartening to see flatulence technology advance so quickly! This remote control fart machine could be a much-needed addition in your boring workplace.

Give it to your colleagues and enjoy the melodious sounds of farts through twist-out speaker that promises increased bass and volume! It can be controlled for up to 100 feet away.


10. Prank Pack “Earwax Candle Kit”

This is not a gift… it is just a gift box that screams atrociousness! Pack your real gift inside the crazy box and watch the reactions of the receiver. It says ‘earwax candles’… Gross!

Each side of the box has appalling instructions, pictures, and jokes such as how to collect earwax and make candles out of it.

11. Novelties Computers Fake Puff Cigarettes

Does your friend tend to revolt you with smelly smoke? Gift them a pack of 12 Fake Puff Cigarettes! When you blow into it, lots of smoke come out with a puff. It’s all real but your friend will miss the taste of nicotine.

Remember to exhale, and not to inhale as you will get a mouthful of disgusting powder!

12. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

Another great gift for a workplace, home, or your dorm! Install this talking toilet paper spindle it in the bathroom as a ‘thoughtful’ present to your loved ones, record some funny taunts and insults, and let them hear the messages when they rip off the toilet paper.

Perhaps, give this to your dad who will get to play his not-so-funny dad jokes and victims will have no choice but to listen!


13. HDE Novelty $100 USD Dollar Bill Toilet Paper

Don’t you just hate it when people borrow money and simply never return? Here is the perfect solution! On an occasion, present them this realistic looking $100 USD note toilet paper and let them digest the silent message you just sent. Passive aggressive much!

By the way, they are gentle!

14. Beistle 60832 Umbrella Hat

Finally! The best gift for grandpas. This vibrant umbrella hat will gel perfectly well on a beach trip. The tongs are comfortable that won’t irritate the wearer.

Keep the sun off and smiles on!

15. Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

This fantastic nose-shaped sharpener is a superb back-to-school present. Amuse your kids with this crazy looking cutter and let them sharp the pencils in the well-shaped nostrils. Can you hear the giggles?

If you want to amuse rest of the school as well, send a bunch of them to their teachers!

16. Prank Pack “My First Fire”

Want to make some parents shocked? Gift their child this scary-looking gift, ‘My First Fire‘. Watch their expressions as they gaze at the gift box and then each other.

They will have a good laugh when they find the real gift inside the box!

17. BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug

An awesome spoof gift that will cause tons of laughter. From your spouse to your workmate, check out this hilarious ceramic toilet mug makes a hilarious gift. The quality of the mug is great – it’s heavy and quite large.

 Maybe it is not suitable enough to drink coffee in the workplace, but it definitely stands out as a decoration piece.

18. The Moon Ring

Are you planning to propose the love of your life? Why don’t you give them a little shock first? The Moon Ring is a great gag gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s day and birthdays. Let them open the beautiful white leatherette box to a fine-looking bum! Try at your own risk.

19. You Suck at Parking Cards (Pack of 50)

Sometimes we need a reminder to do better in life. The ‘you suck at parking’ pack of 50 insults is a sarcastically motivational gift that might just get your buddy to park right!

The cards are high-quality, and taunts are right on spot!

20. 1950’s Cat Eye Shaped Rhinestone Glasses

Want to throw someone back in the time? Slip them these old-time rhinestone glasses.

The gag gift is perfect for grandmas, moms, and aunts. They go along well with costumes!

Happy with our suggestions?

We hope you got some neat ideas! Grab some of these gag gifts and bring some giggles and smiles to the party.

Do you have any other prank gift ideas? Be sure to write a comment below! We might even add it to this list.

Have fun!

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