20 Best Pranks to Play on Your Family!

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Today’s culture is rife with pranks, mostly thanks to all of the YouTube prank wars.

Coming up with a prank sounds easy enough, but it can become a bit frustrating.

On top of that, where do you find your victims? The answer is actually right in front of you! Your family! They’re right there, and you probably already spend a lot of time with them!

For your mischief related needs, we have gathered 20 of the best pranks you can play on your family!

1. Short Sheeting!
This is pretty simple. Just take the bottom sheet of your family member’s bed, and fold it like a taco. When they’re ready to sleep they’ll find they can’t stretch their legs out.

2. Mint Oreos!
Take a few Oreos apart, replace the cream with some toothpaste, and put them back in the container. Just wait patiently for someone to take a bite, and watch the chaos start.

3. Mac & Cheese Orange Juice!
You can mix the cheese powder from Mac & Cheese with water, and it will look just like orange juice.

4. Scary Bathroom Mirror!
Print out a picture of the scariest thing you can think of, and tape it to the bathroom mirror while everyone else is sleeping. It’s sure to wake them up in the morning!

5. Smelly Deodorant
Scoop out their favorite deodorant and replace it with cream cheese!

6. Phone Shock
This phone will shock someone as soon as they press the home screen. It looks so real your family won’t know the difference.

7. Indestructible Paper
This toilet paper will NEVER tear! Replace your bathroom toilet paper with this, but make sure you won’t have to use it for a while.

8. Fake Ticket
These will be great to use on your parents, or siblings who have a car. They’re sure to be furious about getting a parking ticket in their own driveway.

9. Lottery Ticket
Make sure to give this to someone in your family who loves scratch offs, and watch as they believe they won $5,000. Of course, you’re going to have to be ready to explain that they actually won nothing.

10. Rubber Snake
You can put this snake absolutely anywhere that your family frequents, and watch as they freak out.

11. Disappearing Blade
This prank is sure to scare your parents half to death. The blade on this fake knife completely retracts into the handle on contact, giving the appearance of it stabbing.

12. Healthy Donuts
This prank is great if your family has a sweet tooth. Just get an empty donut box, fill it with fruits or veggies, and place it on the table right around breakfast time.

13. Gag Gum
This prank is a classic, but that’s because it’s always hilarious. You can get a pack that shocks, shoots water, or has a fake bug spring out. This prank never disappoints.

14. Hand Buzzer
This is another classic, but it’s such a simple and funny prank. High five one of your family members and watch as they get “shocked” every time.

15. Flour Dryer
For this prank, all you have to do is dump some flour into a hair dryer and wait patiently. The flour can also be substituted with sugar, or baby powder.

16. Jump Scare
This is quite easy to pull off. All you have to do is pick a good hiding spot, and jump out when your victim of choice walks by.

17. Googly Eyes
Even though this prank is harmless, your family is sure to get frustrated at the googly eyes decorating nearly everything in the house.

18. No More Shampoo
All you have to do for this is stuff some plastic wrap into the lid of a shampoo bottle. This will keep it from coming out, and is a great prank for the sibling that always hogs the hot water.

19. Cereal Switch
Take all of the cereal in your house, and switch around all of the bags.

20. Sudless Soap
If you paint a soap bar with clear nail polish then it will no longer produce suds! This is sure to irritate whoever is unlucky enough to use the sudless soap.

Make sure to try out one (or all) of these pranks on your family! It is sure to lead to hilarious chaos.

Just don’t blame us if you get in trouble.

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