10 Hilarious Prank Call Ideas for Friends

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Prank calls never get old. Since the invention of telephones, people have been pulling practical jokes on each other like there is no tomorrow.

Be it a fake pizza takeout, throwing a tantrum for a nonexistent credit card fraud, or calling your friend pretending to be their crush – the list is never-ending.

If you are in a mood to ring someone up and annoy them to no end or leave them flabbergasted, you may want to take a look at our awesome list. We have a number of funny and not too mean prank call ideas for you to try on your friends.

1. Tantrums at a Chinese Restaurant


If you have a friend that works in a restaurant then this is a great prank to play!

This prank is simple enough. Call any Chinese restaurant in your area and politely ask them all the details. Tell them your order and now give them a shock them by demanding pizza. Throw a fit when they say there’s no pizza.

2. Pre-recorded Prank Calls


Several sites like Wacky Prank Calls and Prank Dial have pre-recorded scenarios that allow you to send your frenemies a hilarious prank call on their number.

It can be a cheating partner or crazy old lady. You choose!

3. You’re a millionaire!

Who doesn’t want to win a million bucks? Ring up your friend and congratulates them on winning a lottery.

Ok… it might be difficult to convince your friend about this, but if you sound very official and your friend is gullible then you might just pull it off!

If you’re doing it, make sure you choose a friend that actually buys lottery tickets!

4. Long-Lost Friend

Call an acquaintance and pretend to be their long-lost friend. Baffle them by sharing their personal information. They will have to embrace you in the end.

You will initially be met with a bit of resistance when trying this, but make sure to keep going. If you keep the game up long enough then they will start to question themselves.

5. That Important Science Survey


Call a random number and conduct a survey. Start off by genuine questions and once they are trapped, go wild. Ask silly questions like ‘what color is your bathroom?’, ‘Do you have eggs in your fridge?’ or ‘Will you marry me?’.

6. You are Adopted


Have your siblings called up from a different number and tell them that they were actually ‘stolen’ from their real parents when they were babies. Ask them to meet you in a restaurant. They will have a lovely surprise!

7. The Haunted House


Do you have a nosy colleague you truly dislike? Prank dial them! Talk in a creepy voice and share the gory past of the house they live in. Ghostly spirits still circle the roof. Watch them freak out!

8. The Slenderman is Here


Call your friend in pure terror that the Slenderman is watching you from the window. Create a scary scenario and yell for their help.

9. Can you fool your mom?

We would say don’t take a risk! Look at these poor guys.

10. Don’t do silly things!

This is one of the most important ideas when it comes to prank calls… make sure you’re not going too far! Prank calls can seriously go wrong. Don’t call 911 or police just for fun. That’s simply wrong. Watch how these kids got in trouble.

Maybe they should have had fun with a harmless prank kit instead!

Have fun but don’t be nasty!