10 Hilarious Coffee Mugs to Add Some Sass to Your Day

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Have you been drinking coffee from your boring mug and thinking “This mug is boring, in fact, it’s so boring that it’s making my coffee taste bad”. You can’t let such a travesty happen.

Don’t add sugar to your coffee, it’s bad for you. Add some sassiness instead, with any of these coffee mugs.

Funny coffee mugs are a great way of showing your humorous side with hilarious texts that you can relate to.  If you feel like your coffee mug doesn’t show enough cheekiness. Check out this list!

On the top of everything, if you work somewhere, you can take these mugs along and we assure you that you will end up amusing (impressing?) your colleagues because these mugs are both cute and funny. Yes, the perfect combo that everyone loves! Try not to get fired in the process.

Check it out:

1. I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email

Here is the perfect mug that describes the life of every other employee. Not to mention it screams passive-aggressive in a fun way… Or at least, we like to think so.

We all have bad days at work, and when you are going through an intolerable time with insufferable people around you, bring the mug out to let out your feelings. The mug screams ‘I survived another meeting that should have been an email’. Haven’t we all been there?

The mug by 3DRose can really come in handy when you are going through a crisis and to put a cherry on top, your boss sets up a meeting with you that’s terribly long and boring. We know you can’t say it to your boss’s face so you can simply place the cup in a direction where he can read it and he’ll definitely get what you are feeling!

2. Hey, train wreck, this isn't your station

Do you want to keep the chaos away from your life? Get this mug that says ‘Hey, train wreck, this isn't your station’, sip some piping hot coffee in it and give a silent “get lost” message to all the problems in your life!
The mug also makes a great prank present you can gift to your siblings, coworkers or even your spouse; especially if you have someone in your life who isn’t quite lucky and tend to fall victim to uncertainties in their life.

3. Cheeky Coffee Mug

Appreciating and motivating yourself doesn’t seem like a bad idea, right? Well, if you do agree with us then get this mug right now and we assure you that you will have the self-satisfaction you need every day.

This mug by Find Funny Gift Ideas is a perfect fit for all frustrating situations; from being stuck in mundane work meetings to be subjected to the company of people you can't stand. Just look at the mug and automatically replace your anger to an evil grin. Look into the eyes of your frenemy, take a slow sip and send the message. And of course, have a nice day! Wink, wink.

4. Best Wife Ever

The black and white ceramic mug by 3DRose is a perfect present for yourself from yourself. If your husband doesn’t say this to you often, don’t worry because this cup will! Get this “best wife ever” mug and give yourself a little pat on the shoulder for making it another day with your dumb husband.

Or in case, if you are a husband looking for something that is both cute and funny, you can gift this cup to your wife and we assure you that she will be the happiest because which wife doesn't need a 'the best wife' mug?

5. The Retirement Mug

Here is a perfect gag gift geared towards almost-retirees or friends who you know were sick and tired of their job and were just mustering up some courage to quit it.

Well, when they have finally spoken up and said those two magical words, “I quit”, you can now gift them this mug and share a laugh together. The mug by Andaz Press says, 'Congratulations On Quitting Your Job Without Being Escorted Out of The Building,'.

6. Britney Survived 2007

We love Britney, because the girl got guts. After chopping off most of her hair, she made a huge comeback with her blockbuster album that gave her haters the much-needed shut up call.

If you know someone who has been through a lot lately, get them this coffee mug to inspire them a little. They should know that if Britney can survive the toughest year of her career, then they can too! It is a cute, funny, and considerate gift to give to someone. Not only this, in fact, you can buy this mug for yourself too for some self-motivation.

7. Funny Grumpy Cat Mug

The snarky coffee mug by Little Creations gives off strong Ron Swanson vibes ideal for a person in your life who is perpetually grumpy and abhors mornings and sunshine.

Even though, you love them to the core, you would not want to see their grumpy face early in the morning. Because nobody wants to start their day on such a cranky note. The mug is a perfect drinkware for all the bad-tempered people in your life who can use a little laugh every morning. Of course, you can buy it for yourself too if you are in the same list!

8. Relax Gringo! Im Legal

Here is yet another hilarious addition to the best funny coffee mugs. It can be a great gift for someone who is trying to get American citizenship or someone who is already American but doesn't speak Latino or Hispanic.

The ethnic slur is sometimes considered an insult so be careful whom you give it too. If they lack a sense of humor, then it is definitely not for them. You can also buy it for yourself if you want to amuse people around you. So yes, you should definitely get your hands on it, Gringo!

9. Being A Writer is Easy

Happen to know a writer friend? If yes, then get them this mug and wait for them to open the box and laugh out loud because the text on it perfectly describes the life of a writer.

Especially if your writer friend is always talking about how stressed out they are with work and going through writer’s block, you should get them this mug and it will surely lighten up their mood.

10. Funny Coffee Mug by Find Funny Gift Ideas | Funny Coffee Mugs for Women & Men | (Target)

Lastly, we have this amazing collection of some of the most hilarious printed mugs with text written that is surely going to make you laugh out loud!

Buy it to highlight your coffee mug collection or if you know a friend or co-worker who is sick and tired of their job, trying their best to get rid of it, you can gift them some of these mugs and we can bet they will absolutely love it!

We hoped you liked our collection of the best and hilarious coffee mugs that can be gifted to someone and you can buy them for yourself as well!

Even if though they are kind of sarcastic, they make a somewhat thoughtful present too. So, if you want to show someone that you know their likes and dislikes and want to bring a knowing smile on their face, don’t hold back, and grab a few of these.

Don’t forget to enjoy your bitter coffee as you share a hearty laugh together.