10 Funny Toilet Paper for Amusing Bathroom Trips

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Toilet paper… You hardly ever give any thought to it. Come to think of it, you don’t even notice it hanging on the holder until the dreadful time when you realize the roll is finished. This time, tweak things a little.

Buy a toilet paper that will make your bathroom trips a little more enjoyable. It will also surprise your family and guests as they unwittingly walk into the bathroom only to be greeted by a hilarious roll of toilet paper.

If you loved the reactions, get some for your workplace as well to shock your coworkers. Moreover, these toilet papers are perfect as gag gifts and white elephant gifts.

1. Happy Birthday Toilet Paper Prank Funny Gag Gift!

Is someone close to you have a birthday coming? Give them a warm surprise on their special day by revamping their bathroom with a spectacular poop-themed 'Happy Birthday! You're Old' toilet paper. As they pluck a tissue from the roll, they won't know whether to love or cry. Truth can hurt. Apart from using it as a gag gift, the two-ply tissue roll is perfect for regular use. The toilet paper is made in America from recycled paper. The image and text are boldly printed on each and every tissue paper in the roll. It is biodegradable and it is okay to flush it as it is septic tank approved.

2. BUTTSWIPES Dump Toilet Paper Gag Gift Stocking Stuffer (1 Roll)

We all know a person or two who deeply loathes the president and are quite vocal about him. Then there are those who cherish him and assume him to be the best thing to ever happened to the world. Buttswipes brings you a perfect present for such people - critics and fans alike - Dump Toilet Paper! The toilet paper displays a lovely monochromatic picture of Donald Trump on every sheet that your butt won't be able to resist. The roll contains 160 sheets that ensures you are good to go for at least a month. It makes a hilarious gag gift and a perfectly comical stocking stuffer during Christmas.

3. Fairly Odd Novelties Donald Trump Novelty Political Humor Funny Toilet Paper Gag Gift, Set of 3...

If you can't get enough of the president, we have another one for you to revitalize your bathroom. The Donald Trump toilet paper by Fairly Odd Novelties brings you a set of three toilet rolls featuring unique expressions of none other than our dearest president. Each roll contains 240 two-ply sheets printed with non-smudge ink. The toilet paper is aimed for crappy days when you could really use a good laugh, as white elephant gifts and gag gifts for family, friends, and coworkers, and to crack up guests and colleagues as they unsuspectingly go into washroom. According to buyers, the toilet paper can take a lot of crap without breaking down.

4. Funny Novelty Toilet Paper - Hilarious White Elephant Gift Idea, Christmas Present, or Gag Gift

This tissue paper features a bewildered poop emoji in bright colors on all the 200 sheets of the two-ply toilet paper roll. The emoji appears to be yelling 'Shit just got real!'. We can't blame it because it certainly has. The toilet paper is made with high-quality materials that won't break apart as you clean up your business. Each paper has a funny message in a no-smudge ink printing. If you are out of ideas for what to give as a present on anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, retirements, or housewarming, you can simply gift them a roll of poop-themed toilet paper. The manufacturers also offer 100% money back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied.

5. Fairly Odd Novelties A-Hole Novelty Toilet Paper.

Fairly Odd Novelties never disappoints when it comes to the best gag gifts. Here is a hilarious toilet paper that is definitely worth a visit to the bathroom. The toilet paper rudely screams 'Great. Another Assh*le!'. There are 240 sheets in a roll, and it can be used as an actual toilet paper as well as a gag gift. However, many people have complained that it is too small and thin to be actually used. Nonetheless, it makes a hysterical gag gift for people over the hill, retirements, birthdays, housewarming parties and much more. Your friends will be laughing like there is no tomorrow.

6. getDigital Unicorn and Rainbow Toilet Paper Bathroom Tissue | Gift Box Included | 1 Roll with 200...

It is a fact that you can never go wrong with unicorns. Life is surely not all about rainbows and butterflies, but your toilet paper can be. GetDigital presents a bright and blissful roll of toilet paper engraved with baby pink unicorns cheerfully prancing over vivid rainbows. As you get done with your business, the magical toilet paper will instantly lift up your spirits. The manufacturer also warns that once you have used this tissue, you won't want to go back to the regular one. We can see why! The toilet roll has three-ply tissue with 200 sheets in total. It is perfect for girls' bathrooms or as a gag gift to cause roars of laughter.

7. BUTTSWIPES Sitting on The Throne Toilet Paper Gag Gift Stocking Stuffer (1 Roll)

This toilet paper roll by BUTTSWIPES features Hillary Clinton and the Iron Throne! The toilet paper sheets have a picture of clearly happy Hillary Clinton who is ready to welcome all the crap coming her way. There are two stickers on the roll that shows Clinton sitting on the famous iron throne from Game of Thrones. As if that could happen. It is a perfect gag gift for Hillary Clinton supporters as well as critics, considering they have a good sense of humor. Use it as an actual toilet tissue or hand out to your loved ones as a practical joke. There will surely be lots of laughter.

8. Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper Gag Gift – No Btts About it, I Love You

Confess your love for someone in the most creative way - place the Valentine's Day themed toilet paper by Homarden in their bathroom. They will get the message and they may even return your love! The toilet paper has 250 sheets of two-ply tissue paper that says, 'I love you. No butts about it!'. Isn't it really sweet and hilarious? Man or woman, they will love the humor in it. According to its reviews, the quality is just average but as it is a novelty gift, it won't make much of a difference unless you are planning to use it.

9. Maad Romantic Happy Birthday Novelty Toilet Paper - Funny Gag Birthday Gift for Him or Her

If you are not sure what to get your mom, dad, siblings, friends, spouse, or a coworker for their birthday, Maad has a simplest and the most hilarious solution; 'Happy Birthday Novelty Toilet Paper'. It has a clear message that says 'Happy Birthday! I love the (insert) 'poop emoji' out of you'. The toilet roll has 200 sheets of two-ply tissue paper with ink printing that does not smudge and smear. The company also offers 100% money back customer satisfaction guarantee with each purchase, which means if you are not happy with the toilet paper, you can return it and get a refund.

10. HDE Novelty $100 USD Dollar Bill Funny Money Currency Toilet Tissue Paper Roll

Are you completely broke? Are you craving to see brand new notes? No worries, HDE got you covered. They offer you plenty of $100 dollar bills but of course, there is a catch. It is in a form of toilet paper roll! Rub some salt, cause some gales of laughter, and fool your friends with HDE's Novelty $100 USD Dollar Bill Funny Money Currency Toilet Tissue Paper Roll. The realistic $100 bill have three-ply tissues to make them extra-absorbent. It makes a great gag gift and serves the purpose; that is wiping and feeling like a true millionaire without having to spend any real cash.

Funny toilet paper comes in handy when you want to trick someone when you want to spice up things at work, when you are clueless as what to gift your loved ones and simply as a piece of humorous décor to revamp a boring bathroom.