10 Funny Garden Gnomes to Spice Up Your Backyard!

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Your scenic garden is flourishing with a myriad of budding flowers, fluttering butterflies, chirping birds, and forest green grass. Isn’t it all wonderful?

You have made some changes in your little outdoorsy space. You place a lovely little table in the far corner under the shade of a gnarly tree to enjoy some cookies and chatter. You can picture yourself having a cup of tea with dear wifey while kids run about chasing wild butterflies. But, wait…Isn’t it a little too sweet? Ugh. Tone it down a bit, will you?

Place a funny little garden gnome to add a little personality to your garden. Amuse your guests with hilarious unicorns and make them gasp with obscene figurines. What’s more, they can often give a nice scare to people who come uninvited to your safe haven. Take a look at the funniest garden gnome!

1. Gnometastic Double Bird Gnome

This garden gnome right here does not spare any feelings. It knows how to be expressive. Among an array of cherubs and sweet-looking gnomes, place this aggressive finger-pointer gnome and give your guests a funny surprise when they finally notice it.

If you know an avid collector of garden gnomes, this particular one would make a nice addition to their decent collection as well. The gnome is about 8 inches tall and is manufactured with stone resin and is said to be weatherproof. I guess you won't be getting rid of this one easily!

2. Garden Gnome on The Throne Reading Phone

We all have a one or two die-hard fan of Game of Thrones; it could even be you! While others were fighting over Daenerys and Jon Snow, this sneaky garden gnome has taken over an entire throne for itself. But what is this... It is not exactly the iron throne; it is a commode!

And to add to the insult, it is busy surfing on its smartphone. Well... The gnome on the throne is a hilarious take on the TV show and it will make you chuckle. Fan or not, you are going to love this king gnome in your backyard.

3. Cat, Gnome & Unicorn Statue

Watch the magical, mythical beast come to life along with two of your favorite things - a cat and a garden gnome. The humorous garden sculpture by Funny Guy Mugs features a cat and a garden gnome riding a magnificent unicorn with a bewildered expression.

It seems that just like us, it is also confused about the entire scenario. Let's also point out that the cat is highly patriotic. It is holding a flag of the United States. The sculpture is 7 inches tall and can be placed among the pebbles and grass. It also makes a wonderful gag gift.

4. Game of Gnomes

If you aren't too pleased with the pot-version, do not despair for there is a real deal for you. Presenting the First of His Name... Garden Gnome! We have a gnome that has claimed the actual iron throne for itself! Doesn't it look quite fierce? Will it able to rule justly or will it follow Joffrey's footsteps?

You can only find out if you buy this king gnome. It is 9.5 inches tall and is made up of durable resin. It is lightweight. Make sure to place it on the ground so that it doesn’t fall off and break.

5. Middle Finger Cat

At first glance, this serene cat appears to be lost in meditation. After the tiring journey of chasing mice, sniffing meals, and purring, a cat has to take some time off from catty things. Yoga seems like a simple solution. Good for you, yogi kitty!

Then you notice its paws - it is calmly pointing a middle finger at you. How cheeky! This awesome yogi cat is perfect for gardens and meditation rooms alike. It even makes a superb gift for those who want to send a message in a very subtle way. The cat is tiny, and some buyers were disappointed by the size expecting it to be slightly bigger, but nonetheless, it looks great!

6. 9 inch Garden Gnome Godzilla Statue

Massacre? Yes, please! Add a touch of gloom and despair to your sun-smashed, fairy-kissed orchard with this absolutely horrendous garden gnome massacre by BigMouthInc. It features a terrifying Godzilla (which is quite ugly as well) devouring a bunch of sad-looking and eternally doomed garden gnomes.

The sculpture stands 9 inches tall and makes itself quite obvious. The hand-painted garden gnome is made with premium quality ceramic and cast poly-resin. It is claimed to be weatherproof and can withstand sultry sunbeams and snow blizzards.

Amidst scenic greenery, trimmed bushes and polished waterworks, the garden gnome looks rather wonderful. If you are feeling a little mischievous, you can surprise your loved ones by secretly placing a bunch of them here and there. That will be a nice scare!

7. Couch Potato Garden Gnome

Whether you are a busy human being or a garden gnome, we all want to become a couch potato sometimes. Sitting completely relaxed on a dilapidated but cozy sofa with a favorite TV show on, and a party-sized bag of crisps and cheesy pizza right in front you. Sounds heavenly!

The funny little figurine is a perfect comical addition to you plain old garden. The gnome is meticulously hand painted and made with ceramic. It is weatherproof, and about 9.5 inches tall.

8. Mischievous Cat

The statue looks quite adorable at first, but on a closer look, it appears to be very sinister! The cat is busy gobbling down the garden gnomes while an old lady garden gnome scolds the cat. If you know someone who hates garden gnomes, this will make the perfect gift.

The amusing figurine accentuates any space - from backyards and porches to kitchen counters and bookshelves. The manufacturer claims that the cat won't devour pet dogs and mailmen, but we would still advise caution! It is handcrafted and made from high-quality resin material.

9. 5:00 Somewhere Tropical Party

The vibrant garden gnome sure knows how to party and kickback! Somewhere far away in a sun-kissed tropical isle, this gnome is having a time of its life. Join the summer fun by placing the gnome in your garden.

Painted with bright colors, the garden gnome is crafted with durable material that is heavyweight and weatherproof. You can also surprise your loved ones by giving them this gnome when they comeback home from a vacation.

10. Donut Worry, Be Happy

This gnome is perfect for your backyard pool and garden fountains. When summer strikes and all you want to do is to take a dip in a calming pool and relax, this gnome will encourage to chill!

The comical ornament features a chillaxed garden gnome with an ice cream. It is sitting atop a half-bitten donut which is floating on water. It is a picture-perfect scene for a summer vacation! The funny figurine is also a great option to gift someone who needs to just chill and let their hair down.