10 Funny Gag Gifts for Sports Fans

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It goes without saying that a good laugh can heal lots of wounds, particularly when your favorite team loses to the rival ones. Ugh, the pain! We have some great gag gifts for such unfortunate times! 

Knowing a sports enthusiast without being one yourself can be hard because you will need to invest plenty of time and energy into locating the perfect gift for them.  

But hey, you don’t need to worry anymore. Whether it’s a birthday gift or a congratulatory present for a win that their favorite team/athlete claimed recently, funny sporting gags are the best thing that you could give to a sports lover. This would not only make them happy but also let them know how special they are to you.  

As a gesture, there can hardly be anything better for people who live and breathe their favorite sport. So, if there is someone like that in your social circle, then the following gag gift ideas are likely to come in very handy. The best part is that all these suggested items are easily available and you wouldn’t have to pay through the nose for them.

1. The Stupidest Sports Book of All Time

If your sporty friends enjoy having a good laugh, then the Stupidest Sports Book of All Time is certainly made for them. Written by the brother-sister duo, Ross Petras and Kathryn Petras, the book is a hilarious collection of the silliest and insane sporting incidents ever witnessed on any field of play. Any sports fanatic would love to read these stories over and over again.

From extremely comical bloopers and the most useless tournaments to blunders made by amateurs and quotes from the greatest players that weren’t meant to be funny but turned out to be so, you will find everything within these pages.

2. Last Place Medals

Watching their favorite team or a player lose a competition or come second to their rivals can be heartbreaking for any sports fan. However, you can alleviate that pain and sadness somewhat with a funny gift.

This last place gold medal by Crown Awards is a perfect and timeless gift to give to a sporty friend. Not exactly a thoughtful token, it may bring some painful memories back but always with a guffaw and will most probably stay with them for a long time.

It will be a hilarious reminder of a time when their favorite team went flat instead of putting in a big performance. The medal looks like a real gold medallion with a sad face engraved on it. Ribbons of different colors are also attached. Give it to a pal and chuckle over it!

3. Loser Trophy

This one is especially for those sports lovers who can appreciate a good laugh. The loser trophy with an antique finish and a comical design will certainly make them see the funny side of the whole situation, in spite of a bucketful of tears and frustration with their favorite team.

The lowest scoring participant in any tournament or game can be given this classic gift by Crown Awards that looks like a toilet bowl (just a lot more luxurious!) and can be engraved as per the buyer’s request.

4. A Truly Amazing Coach

A Truly Amazing Coach by LOL Journals makes a perfect present for anyone who has ever mentored a sports team.

Though it is a short book, the interesting cover and laugh-out-loud content is sure to make any coach’s day. Besides offering a nice chance to give someone a great chortle, it is a good way to thank someone who once coached you at any sports and helped you learn the tricks of the trade.

5. Desktop Boxing

Boxing fans will love this hilarious and effective stress reliever by Running Press. Other than giving them lots of reasons to laugh about, it will help get rid of any stress without the concern that they may knock someone out with their exceptional boxing skills. What’s more, it is an ideal stress-reliever for insufferable work conditions.

Just place the desktop boxing kit on your desk and when your boss passes a snarky comment, just kick a few times and you will be good to go for the entire day! The mini-punching bag is a must-have accessory for sports enthusiasts and non-sporty people alike.

6. Shining Duck Bike Bell

Here are some extremely adorable bicycle accessories that are not just meant for the kids. Adults will love them too. In particular, the duck-shaped bicycle ring and light can be a cute addition to an adult professional cycle.

The yellow duck stands out and gives your plain old bicycle a much-needed visual prominence. If you can’t decide what to give your cycling enthusiast pal, here is a perfect accessory that may or may not be the gag gift!

7. Baseball Cap with Fake Hair

This fur-like hat is perfect for those who love golf and other similar outdoor sports. It is cute and funny but also slightly bizarre. However, that only adds to its quality and attractiveness. The hat comes with a spiky hair-like top and is an immediate attention-grabber which makes it a wonderful gift.

In the same way, the cap is also very useful since it provides great comfort as well as protection from extreme weathers. Other than giving a hilarious look to the wearer, the spiky hair-like top protects their head from the harmful UV radiations and keeps it cool. Parties and other such gatherings are a good place to wear this hat or cap. Furthermore, the nylon straps can be adjusted according to the size of the wearer’s head.

Not to mention, if you have ever wanted to see if you can pull off the spiky-hair look, here is a chance to test it out!

8. The Book Of Best Sports Quotes

A book of famous and not-so-famous quotes from the world of sports is something that any ardent sports lover will find hard to put down. The Book of Best Sports Quotes: Funny, Inspirational, and Motivation Quotes on the Sports We Love is exactly that.

It contains both serious and light-hearted quotes from the greatest (and not so great) players in history. So, if you know a sports-crazy person, this book will make their day and leave them in fits of laughter. At 128 pages, this is a relatively short book but there is no shortage of entertainment within it.

9. Classic Crew Socks Retro

Some of us are like Dobby. We can never have enough socks. A few pairs of socks – lurid, vividly-colored and with the most appalling patterns – can go a long way as a gag gift. Especially, if one keeps losing them!

Here is an awfully colorful pair of unisex Classic Crew Socks that will make a great gift for any sports enthusiast. It will provide them an opportunity to wear something loud and sensational, and a chance to give their boring old monochrome and dull stockings a long break.

The athletic socks by KSSChr might not be the most fashion-forward pair, but they surely provide good support and can withstand lots of pressure without getting torn up.

10. I Like Golf and Maybe 3 People T-Shirt

This men’s top from Crazy Dog T-Shirts comes with a hilarious caption “I Like Golf and Maybe 3 People.” You won’t be able to get a better gift for your introverted golf buddy. The shirt comes in a mix of 100% preshrunk cotton and poly-cotton blend fabrics.

Moreover, the printing is of very high quality and the color doesn’t fade away very easily either. A comfortable tee to wear, any golf player or fan would like to have this in their wardrobe.

We hope you now have some great ideas for gag gifts for a sports enthusiast in your life.