10 Funniest Prank Packs to Shock Your Loved Ones

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You have surely received a gift that was extremely ugly and completely useless. You did your best not to show your repulsion and smiled weakly. It is time to take revenge! Shock your friends and family with these awfully hilarious prank packs. What exactly are they? They are empty gift boxes with pictures and descriptions of abominable products that don’t exist… thankfully! They are available in different sizes; a small box that can easily fit socks, a standard one for larger items and even a tall box for bottles. Just shove the real present inside. Here are some of the best prank packs!

1. Prank Pack “Bathe & Brew

The gift box claims to contain a bizarre product that brews your coffee in shower, has a soap dispenser and even prints your toilet paper.

A perfect gift box for people who multitask and are short on time.

2. Prank Pack “Crib Dribbler

Do you know a couple who can’t find a decent babysitter? They will love the crib dribbler!

Insert it in the cot and let your baby enjoy some quiet, alone time while you and your partner go on a date.

3. Prank Pack “Roto Wipe

No more fussy toilet papers! Surprise your roommates by introducing them to this awesome butt-wiping tool that can also clean your car!

Watch their horror as they look at the box.

4. Prank Pack “Earwax Candle Kit

For the love of scented candles, give your spouse a ‘personalized’ gift made from your own body fluids!

Hand them the box and tell them to cherish it forever.

5. Prank Pack “My First Fire

Who doesn’t want an independent baby? This box makes a perfect gift for new parents.

The prank pack ‘teaches’ babies to light their very first fire and roast marshmallows!

6. Prank Pack “Pet Butler

Present this box to a pet-owner and be prepared to hear a lecture on animal cruelty.

The box is supposed to contain a ‘butler’ vest for your cats and dogs.

7. Prank Pack Wake & Bake Griddle

This wonderful alarm clock lets you sleep a little longer and whips up a delicious breakfast!

Who wouldn’t want that? A perfect gift box for a colleague who is always running late.

8. Prank Pack “Toddler Tamers

For terrible twos and monstrous toddlers, tame your kid by filling up the tamers with sand or water. They won’t be able to move an inch!

No more running after them. Give it to a tired parent and watch their reaction.

9. Prank Pack “Say Cheese

Present your mom and dad with this nostalgic cheese printer.

Print your favorite pictures onto the cheese slice and gulp it down. A thoughtful gift, indeed!

10. Prank Pack “iArm

Surprise your tech-savvy friend with this nifty holder that carries your gadgets right on your arm.

Be it a cooling fan, a bucket of water or a laptop, conveniently carry the items.

Remember to have the prank packs delivered to your place first as they must be folded into a box.

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